NECOP Events

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National Night Out

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

National Night Out Against Crime Super Summer Celebration brought together the leadership and residents of the over 30 communities in Northeast Baltimore and the police who serve the area. It enabled them to network in a social setting focused upon the common goal of crime prevention. This event will enable the police, communities, and elected officials to work together throughout the year to resolve those crime issues they have in common.

Both the police and community members attended the event and had fun participating in a positive community based event. These relationships will lead to reduced tension and enable police and community partnerships to prevent and combat crime in the future. This is one of few events that occurs in Northeast Baltimore where the leadership and the residents of all its communities come together in one place. It enabled the interaction of people of different racial, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds that normally do not regularly gather and interact with one another. It will enable them throughout the year to work together to address the numerous quality of life issues they have in common. It also focuses this broad audience on issues they all have in common, crime and crime prevention.