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Baltimore Police Officer De-Escalates a Potentially Violent Incident

Follow the link below to learn why a Baltimore Police officer is praised for de-escalating a potentially violent incident:

Crime Alert from the Northeast Police District

Burglary Arrest

On October 25th Officers and Detectives from the Northeast District were able to arrest one of our elusive burglars, Diamante Jackson. Mr. Jackson was charged with several burglaries and investigations are underway to ascertain additional burglaries he committed. BPD Detectives will be contacting victims with additional information. See Mr. Jackson's photo and if you observed him committing any burglaries please send the information to Major Jeffrey Shorter of the Northeast Police District at:

The Following was received from Major Jeff Shorter of the Northeast District:

In response to increased violence and community complaints the NED District Action Team, with the assistance of other District Action Teams from BPD, executed three search and seizure warrants this morning. The warrants were led by BPD SWAT teams due to the nature of the warrants. The raids netted a small amount of narcotics and US Currency. The locations were in the 3500 Blk Pelham Ave, 3400 Blk Kenyon Ave and the 1200 Blk Gleneagle Road. We will continue to relentlessly follow up investigations and community complaints, even if it's one block 1 house at a time. Thank you for support as we extract the criminal element from our neighborhoods.
If there is a location within your neighborhood that you suspect there's criminal activity, please continue to provide us with the information via 911 or the avenues in the photo below.


Stolen Autos have increased 34%

Year to date as of the end of September 2017 compared to the same period in 2016

You can prevent your car being stolen by:
• Always locking your car
• Not leaving your keys in your car
• Not leaving your car running and unattended. Leaving your car running and unattended is actually illegal and you can potentially receive a traffic ticket for doing it. If you report your car as stolen to the Baltimore City Police and you left it unattended and running, you will more than likely receive a moving citation.

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