Baltimore Police Unveil Mobile App
Police said the app will provide “transparency at your fingertips” and will feature a streamlined ability to submit tips, quick connectivity to the department’s website and social media platforms and the ability to receive important “push” alerts from the police department.
Police said the app is available in the app stores of mobile devices.

Ilegal Dirt Bikes Tip Line: 443-902-4474
(Text a tip, photo, video or leave a voicemail)
Dirt bikes are defined as any motorcycle or similar vehicle designed for use on rough surfaces such as dirt roads or trails, which are not registered under the Maryland Vehicle Law.

Examples of dirt bikes include minibikes and all-terrain (ATV) either of the three or four wheel variety.

No person may drive or ride any dirt bike or other unregistered motorcycle or similar vehicle on any public or private property that is located within the City of Baltimore.

In addition, no person may possess any dirt bike or any unregistered motorcycle with the City of Baltimore. No service station or any person may sell or dispense motor fuel for delivery into any dirt bike or unregistered vehicle. Any person who violates this ordinance with the City of Baltimore is subject to a fine of not more than $1,000 for each offense or imprisonment for not more than 90 days. You Can Remain Anonymous.