Ten Reasons To Join NECOP

  1. Have a good reason to take a really leisurely tour of YOUR neighborhood.
  2. Get a fascinating glimpse inside the workings of local law enforcement activities.
  3. Get to spend three hours of uninterrupted quality time with the friend/family member of your choice.
  4. Discover fascinating new details of the streets, houses and residents in your neighborhood.
  5. Listen to exciting, exclusive real-time reporting from other citizens patrol team members.
  6. Get to know and establish relationships with officers from the Baltimore Police Department’s Northeast District.
  7. Get mega-brownie points from your community association.
  8. Have a guaranteed "date" with the citizens patrol partner of your choice.
  9. Attempt to solve the puzzle of finding as many routes which traverse every street through your neighborhood and, if possible, each one only once.
  10. Have a good reason to get out at night at least once a month.

Ready to join NECOP? Click here for application